Utilities World is an industry-leading utility service provider in the Utility Vending Sector. For over a decade, it has provided innovative core vending systems, advanced data reporting and mining solutions, revenue protection and meter audits, and data normalisation.

Products and Services

Billing System Data Integration

Our system is designed to easily implement data exchange with billing systems, integrated with real-time reporting enabling Municipal users to view records imported to and exported from the system, customer balances and restrictions.

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Systems & Services

Cloud Based System
Web Interface
Secured by SSL certificate, two-factor authentication
Arrears Recovery
Account Payments
Integrated Third Party Merchants

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Additional Benefits

User-Friendly Customer Portal
Easy to access anywhere, anytime Customers can view information in the safety of their homes Information at their fingertips!

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Affiliated Associations & Accreditation

We are ISO 9001 certified, which assures that our systems and services run at optimum levels, ensuring premium-quality service. We are STS 6 Compliant and have had great success with the TID Rollover process driven by the STS association.
In addition, we are affiliated with the AMEU and SARPA and align ourselves with their best practices to ensure that we bring the best solutions available to the Municipal Sector.